Phineas Flynn

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Important FactsEdit

Phineas Flynn lives in a wacky city named Danville. He lives with his mother, Linda Flynn (Caroline Rhea) , his sister, Candace Flynn (Ashley Tisdale), his stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher (Thomas Sangster), and stepfather, Lawrence Fletcher (Richard O' Brein).

Quick Personal Life Edit

Name: Phineas Flynn

Birthdate: Unknown

Age: 10

Nationality: American

Hometown: Danville

Crushes: (Possibly) Isabella Garcia-Shapiro



Isabella Garcia-ShapiroEdit

It is unknown whether Phineas has a crush on Isabella. However, little hints have appeared on the show. Isabella isn't particuarily subtle about expressing her affection towards him, but Phineas seems completely oblivious to her intentions.

Hints on the ShowEdit

  • After Phineas heard that Isabella got her tonsils taken out, he tried to make her the Biggest Ice Cream Sundae Ever! (I Scream, You Scream)
  • After Isabella's dog, Pinky, swallowed her sash, Phineas and Ferb built a mini-submarine to get it back. ("Journey to the Center of Candace")
  • When Isabella got the hiccups, Phineas and Ferb built a haunted house just to cure her hiccups. ("One Good Scare Ought To Do It!")
  • Phineas built the "Rainbow-inator" to help Isabella see her first rainbow, but when Isabella confesses that that wasn't her first rainbow and that it was a unicorn that she hasn't seen, Phineas said they'll find her one the next day. ("Hail Doofania")
  • Phineas held a game show so that Isabella and the Fireside Girls could recieve their Broadcasting patches ("Let's Take A Quiz")
  • Phineas built a device that would measure cuteness in the episode "Chronicles of Meap" to help them track down an extremely cute creature out of space. However, the device kept getting radar clutters. Isabella spend the whole episode trying to hint that she might be the one interfering with the tracker, which Phineas mostly ignored. At the end of the episode, he said that he'd already taken her cuteness into account and set the device to ignore it; then he changed the tracker to detect Isabella, and it asploded.
  • In the episode "De Plane! De Plane!", in their only conversation in that episode, Phineas and Isabella kept imitating each others gestures and expressions. That kind of behavior is generally considered to be used when people want to build a positive feeling of connection, and also commonly used as a flirting technique.

More Phinbella In P'nF Across the Second Dimension, Isabella kissed Phineas just before his memeory was erased.